Redevelopment Areas

The FMA staff has identified four redevelopment areas that are described in more detail below. These redevelopment areas were created based on three primary factors: critical mass, adjacency, and Management Zones. The redevelopment parcels primarily exclude residential units in these zones, as well as the common area spaces and community buildings that will be retained by the FMA. In consideration of these redevelopment areas, it is important to note that the redevelopment of any properties at Fort Monroe must comply with the character and content of the Management Zones as defined in the PA and Design Standards.

It should be noted that these redevelopment areas were developed for the RFQ process and the respondent is not required to make a Statement of Interest for the entirety of a redevelopment area. Respondents may express an interest in one building or a group of buildings, even if that group of buildings extends across multiple Management Zones. However, the FMA must understand the size and scope of the proposed redevelopment, especially if the future use of the project is different than the existing use or planned use identified in the Master Plan.

It is also important to note that while the Master Plan identifies primary use categories, respondents can propose other use categories that will be evaluated as part of the qualifications of the respondents.

Detailed building information is available on the file-sharing site.