Ingalls Redevelopment Area

The 17± acre redevelopment area lies entirely in the Historic Village Management Zone. All the buildings in the area, except for the garage/storage buildings, are listed as contributing to the NHL. Several large commercial buildings in the area have been identified in the Master Plan as most suited for adaptive reuse to residential. This includes the 67,900± square foot Building 82, which was constructed as the former health/dental clinic for the installation. The 39,400± square foot Building 87, the former provost marshal office and enlisted soldiers dormitory, has also been identified as a potential candidate for residential reuse. Respondents may consider alternative uses.

This area also includes several smaller office buildings that may be appropriate to continue as office properties or adapted to residential or other uses. These include the 25,900± square foot Building 100, which has one of the few elevators in the Historic Village; the 14,800± square foot Building 27, which currently houses the residential and commercial maintenance shops and the commercial property management office; the 8,300± square foot Building 77 currently occupied by two office users; the 3,700± square foot Building 24 partially leased to a retail tour and coffee shop operator; and the 2,200± square foot Building 27-A, which is currently used for the FMA’s residential leasing and management office.

To create a contiguous critical mass for redevelopment, the area also includes several residential units currently leased by the FMA to private residents on one-year leases. The residential inventory includes one 10-unit apartment building (B80), eight 4-unit apartment buildings (B34, B35, B43, B44, B45, B51 and B52), and a residential duplex (B167). The residential uses are supported by several multi-bay garage buildings.

A listing of building information is provided in the table.

Detailed building information and governing documents.