Redevelopment Site 3

NOTE: The parcel boundary reflected on the site map is for reference only. Final property boundary lines will be surveyed and included as an exhibit to the ground lease.

This 3.3± acre redevelopment site lies entirely in the PA Management Zone D and contains three buildings totaling approximately 85,000 square feet.

Building 27 and Building 27A, together form the Old Arsenal. Building 27 is a singlestory T-shaped brick structure with an unfinished attic space. Building 27A is a singlestory rectangular building situated to the north of the stem of the “T”.

Building 27 is located at 66 Ingalls Road. The building was built in 1860. Around 1880, the building was converted to classrooms and laboratories for the Artillery School. In 1909 the ventilating false gable was removed from the north side and the east and west porches were removed and their doors replaced. Building 27 was remodeled in 1911 to become the Quartermaster warehouse. In 1946 it become the Post Commissary. In 1955 it became the Quartermaster Sales Store. One year later, the Signal Field Maintenance Shop was moved into the building. The building was converted to office space in 1973.

Building 27 contains 14,878± SF and is listed as contributing to the NHL. A portion of the building is currently used as the FMA’s maintenance shop, and as the onsite office for the FMA’s commercial property management office. Other short terms leases and licenses (1 year or less) have been executed with private individuals and businesses. The FMA would need to terminate or relocate the tenants and relocate its maintenance operation as part of the redevelopment. The Master Plan identifies the likely future use of this building as residential, but the building may support other uses including hospitality, office, or retail.

Building 27A is located at 66A Ingalls Road. The single-story rectangular building is listed as contributing to the NHL. The 2,222± SF building is currently used as the FMA’s residential leasing and management office. The FMA would relocate the leasing and maintenance office to a new location prior to the reuse or redevelopment. Due to the size and nature of the building, office or retail are likely future uses for the building.

Building 82 is located at 60 Ingalls Road. The original two-story building was constructed in 1898 with substantial additions in 1913 and 1941. In 1913 the hospital was enlarged by adding a wing on the south side and connecting it with another block, which had a cupola and full-height portico. In 1941, the roof of the central portion was raised and its front extended. The cupola was moved to center block. The façade was remodeled in Colonial Revival style. In 1974 the facility was downgraded to a clinic and TRADOC offices were added.

Building 82 contains 67,900± SF. The building is listed as a contributing building to the NHL. The last use of the building was a health/dental clinic. The Master Plan identifies the likely future use of this building as residential, but the building may support other uses including hospitality, office, or retail.

For the Site 3 parking evaluation, the FMA used an estimate of 1,100 SF per unit for the redevelopment of Building 82 and Building 27, resulting in approximately 76 units after redevelopment. Using 1.5 spaces per unit for residential and 4 spaces per 1,000 sf for Building 27A, the required parking would be approximately 125 spaces. The existing parking spaces around Buildings 27, 27A, and 82 are far below this estimated number of spaces and is further constrained by the number of parking spaces reserved for the occupants of the residential duplexes along Moat Walk and Patch Road. The parking lots also have several one-way traffic patterns which limit their effectiveness. To support the reuse in this site, the FMA has identified an area to the north of Patch Road where additional parking could be constructed to support the required number of spaces.

The parking lot design is conceptual and not intended to indicate approval of any specific design.