Redevelopment Site 2

NOTE: The parcel boundary reflected on the site map is for reference only. Final property boundary lines will be surveyed and included as an exhibit to the ground lease.

Redevelopment Site 2, pictured to the lower left of the site map, contains approximately 1.7± acre. Site 2 lies entirely in the PA Management Zone D and contains a single building with an adjacent parking lot.

Building 100 is located at 90 Ingalls Road. The building was designed by nationally-known architect Paul J. Pelz and was constructed in 1906. The building originally contained 30 apartments for bachelor quarters with each unit having a parlor, a bedroom and a bathroom. In 1925, the 20 units on the first two floors were converted into 10 larger apartments for married officers. The original tin ceilings were removed in 1960. The building was converted to office space in 1964 and the interior was completely renovated in 1985, leaving virtually no recognizable interior historic fabric.

Building 100 is listed as contributing to the NHL. The building is a three-and-one-half story building over a below-grade basement. The building encompasses 29,411± SF. The building was last used as office space. The Master Plan identifies the likely future use of this building as residential, but the building may support other uses including hospitality, office, or retail.

For the Site 2 parking evaluation, the FMA used an estimate of 1,100 SF per unit for the redevelopment, resulting in approximately 25 units after the redevelopment. Using 1.5 spaces per unit, the required parking would be approximately 38 spaces. The existing parking lot adjacent to the building exceeds this requirement but a portion of the parking lot would be a shared use with the residents occupying the adjacent 10-unit apartment building (Building 80) and residential duplex (Building 167). If additional parking is needed due to higher residential density, or a reuse with a higher parking demand such as office or retail, the FMA has identified an area adjacent to the property where additional parking could be constructed to support the higher demand.