Inner Fort Redevelopment Area

The buildings and grounds in the Inner Fort Redevelopment Area all lie within the Inner Fort Management Zone. The 7.3± acre redevelopment area includes 18 buildings totaling 233,000± square feet. All the buildings, except building 8-A, are listed as contributing to the NHL. The Master Plan identifies the proposed use of the buildings in this area as Mixed Use – Institutional Focus.

At the time the Master Plan was created, the FMA had signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) for the buildings in this area to become a residential high school focusing on STEM education. The LOI has expired. The educational use is still appropriate, as well as hospitality and residential, due to the history of the original uses.

The area is anchored by three large former dormitory buildings (B5, B10, and B139) that were converted to administrative uses. Building 105 formerly housed the fitness center. Several small buildings are functionally related to the original uses as former latrines and bathhouses.

A listing of building information is provided in the table.

Detailed building information and governing documents.