North Gate Redevelopment Area

The North Gate Redevelopment Area lies almost entirely in the North Gate Management Zone. A portion of land to the northeast of Building 106 lies in the Wherry Quarter Management Zone. This 33.7± acre redevelopment area contains the fewest contributing buildings and offers the potential for new construction.

The Master Plan identifies the area as containing a combination of residential, employment, and institutional focus. The portion of the area around Building 56, the 20,300± square foot contributing office building, and Building 243, the 12,700± square foot non-contributing educational building, was to be a dormitory expansion of the residential high school mentioned in the Inner Fort Redevelopment Area synopsis. Building 57, the contributing 48,100 square foot office/warehouse building that houses the FMA’s public works contractor, is identified as employment focus. Buildings 59 and 135, both contributing buildings, were used by the Army for information management server rooms and supporting uses. Building 28, the former Army public works building, is the only other contributing building in the area. This 39,500± square foot office/warehouse building was identified as a potential residential adaptive reuse in the Master Plan.

The area also includes three modern office buildings (B74, B75, and B268) that are currently leased to commercial tenants on short-term leases. The remainder of the structures in the redevelopment area (B81, B106, T-99, T-100, T-101 and T-104) are non-contributing warehouse buildings that may be reused or removed to accommodate new construction.

A listing of building information is provided in the table.

Detailed building information and governing documents.